Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Update: Welcome Home

What a week!! Lets talk about busy!! Yep that's me! Go, go go! I have come to realize a couple of things. 

1- I loath moving!!! LOATH IT! 
2- Unpacking and cleaning is impossible with 4 kids in the house!!
3- It's entertaining to see how a couple who has no kids react to living in a house with four of them for a week and a half! (Hehe)
4- My kids are getting SO big right before my eyes!! When did this happen!!! 
5- There is no better feeling then walking into church and feeling like finally, at last, you are home. 

As you know by now I am partial to lists. They make me happy happy happy! I will now elaborate on the above mentioned list. Haha (bare with me I am in a I-think-I-am-funny-tonight-so-you-should-too kinda mood)

Yes, as you all know we have moved a lot (what seems like a million times) in the last 4 years. I could not be anymore serious when I tell you that I am D.O.N.E! Like really just done with it! We have lived and learned. We have made mistakes and hastily rash decisions that we later regretted (haven't we all?). We have strayed from the path that God has put us on and for that we have all struggled. As individuals and as a family unit. We have seen what I hope is the worst of it and I am looking forward to things getting better. I feel like we are back on track and are headed in the right direction now and I thank God for that. I want roots. I want stability. I want to thrive and for my children to thrive where He has set us! And for goodness sake I never want to see a moving box again!!! 

Speaking of boxes, I am excited to say that 88% of our stuff is unpacked and put away. Talk about an accomplishment! Those of you with kids know exactly what I am talking about. You clean/organize one area only to turn around and realize that they have destroyed two other areas. I feel like a drill Sargent but if you don't keep at them the madness will over take you and you will lose the battle! Sad but true! 

I was fortunate enough to get to witness the chaos that is my house through a different point of view this past week. My brother and sister in law came with us to Texas and stayed until this morning. They have a ton of four legged fuzzy kids but they don't have any screaming, back talking, fighting with each other every chance they get, loud ones...yet! Haha I told Aubrey that by the time they left they would never want kids! It was funny to see the realization of just how crazy having 4 kids (5 if you count Randy) can be. To me it's normal everyday chaos that I have grown accustomed to. To them it's like they have stepped into a third world country filled with constant ear piercing noise! LOL They handled it pretty well and we were sad to see them go but perhaps now Jerrod will think twice before he tells me how sweet and innocent his niece and nephews are!!! 

Speaking of kids, it hit me today (Not literally) that they are getting SO big so fast! Colten volunteered at the baseball fields all weekend. He was so proud/happy because he was "working for free food" and it wasn't "really work cause its baseball". It made me think that in just a few years he will really be graduating high school and working for real and that just makes me sad to think about! 

Of course that also makes me think about Caden starting Kindergarten soon and all the fun that comes with that! (that is said sarcastically by the way) He is going to be a challenge and I pray I have prepared myself for that! But that in itself is sad. He is my little Cowboy and I am not sure if I want him to be a big boy and go to school yet. Guess it depends on the day haha! 

We can't forget about Mr. Waylon! This little guy has mastered SO much this week. He can tell you yes AND no when you ask him something. (Do you want milk? No. Juice? Yes) He is very smart for his age and when he doesn't like something he tells you about it. For example when Caden pushed him down he came to me with his pitiful cry and you bet he told me all about it. Yes, it was mostly just jibberish and pointing of his finger at the culprit but he got his point across! LOL gotta love it!

 Then you have Katie.. Oh sweet Katie.. Who is so excited about a upcoming mission trip that she will be joining the church on this month. In her words, "we get to tell people about God mom!!!" I love the enthusiasm she has for church and for God and I am so thankful that the church we go to has such an amazing youth program and youth leaders. Katie is one of the main reasons why we even tried this church to begin with (she had been going for awhile with her friend before we started) and I am so glad for it! 

Today was the first day that we attended since being back and I can not put into words how great it felt! As I was dropping the kids off someone said, "Welcome Home!" The words alone were enough to bring tears to my eyes and the sincerity behind them made it even more special. It still amazes me that both Randy and I feel so at home at this church, a church that we had only attended a handful of times before leaving last summer, then we have felt at any church we have ever attended! Ever! Now, I just have to get Waylon used to the nursery and all will be great! (Easier said then done huh!) :-)

It's all part of the plan, His plan, of this I am sure! I am so excited to see what the future holds for us, for the kids. I know its going to be wonderful and more then we could have imagined! 

Don't get me wrong, I miss the family we left behind in Arizona everyday. I know the kids do too and it hurts to think about what they are missing out on but I am confident that it will be ok. That it will all work out in the end. We had to make this decision for our family, the six of us, and I am thankful that, even though its not easy, they understand that and are supportive of us. 

Wow! I didn't intend for this to be so long. See what happens when I get started! Haha I hope y'all have a great week and if anyone has good tips on how to keep my clan busy for the summer I'd be happy to hear them! (Duct tape and the closet are not options either! lol

Good night y'all! 

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