Friday, February 5, 2016

Five Minute Friday: Focus

Today's prompt word: Focus



Focus Amber. 

You can do this. 

You can beat this. 

Just let go and let God. 

Focus on God and His plan for you. It will all be OK if you just let Him lead you and hold on to your faith. 

These are just some of the things that go through my head when I am faced with tribulation. I try really hard to keep my eyes set upon the Lord and draw comfort from his truth. It really does bring me comfort. 

But life has a way of drawing our focus off what matters most. It has a way of distracting us and allowing us to drift to places that are scary and uncertain. I don't do well in those places. I don't do well at all. So I try so hard to not let myself drift there very often. Lately, it seems like the situations in my life are determined to drag me in to these dark, sad places and I feel like I am drowning there. It's overwhelming and I try so hard not to linger. Sometimes it feels like a war is being waged and, wow, it's scary. 

So I try hard to keep my focus on what I know. On God and His promises to never leave me. To never let me walk this path alone.  Often times I accomplish it by submersing myself in worship music so my mind can't wander to the what if's and why nots. Or sometimes I just open my bible and browse. I usually end up landing on just the right verse or a note from the past that reminds me that He is still here, even though I am hurting, and He is still in control.

 I am learning to turn to Him no matter what. Some days I am not successful and those are my bad days. Some days I focus on the Light and those are my better days. I pray my better days continue to outweigh my bad ones. I pray that I continue to draw strength in Him and that I continue to cling to the hope that only He can offer. 

How do you keep your focus on the Lord during times of trials and tribulation? When everything seems like a dark time, how do you find and stay focused the Light? 


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