Friday, June 21, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Rhythm



I have to say that I am kinda in love with the rhythm of our lives right now. We are just coming off of this really big change (relocating back to Texas after a 10 month struggle in hell Arizona) and are getting settled into this new rhythm of things.

 This new life that really isn't new at all. 

Isn't that funny? How when we were here last time, in this same place with almost these exact same circumstances, we doubted that this was the place for us. We questioned God and His plan for us even though the rhythm had started feeling good, natural even. So He gave us the desires of our hearts....

Oh boy! If that wasn't proof enough that what we desire and what God wants for us are two very different things sometimes then I don't know what is. I rest assured though, that the experiences that we went through had reason behind them. As bad as it seemed then (and trust me it was bad at some points) were all part of Gods plan for us. To help us grow and learn and become stronger.  

Now here we are, not quite a month since we made the move back to the amazing state they call Texas and things are going well. This new rhythm was a little unsteady at first but is leveling off. We are jumping in head first and trying to dig deep for God and seek all that He has to offer us. We are happy and content and we feel blessed!


(Wow, that was totally random and not at all what I expected it to be! I love it!)

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  1. Amber,
    Looks like we linked up for FMF around the same time. Fun to find you here again!
    SO glad you are learning the blessing of God's sovereignty and submitting your will to His. Praying you will continue to find your rhythm in Christ wherever he leads.

  2. Hey Becky, I was just over at your page reading your post. Thank you for stopping by and for your prayers. They are always welcome! ;-)

  3. Hooking up from FMF. What a blessing to be thankful in His rhythm no matter where you are. He wants us to continue to grow even stronger in His perfect timing.

    Have a Happy Friday!