Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hello Summer!!!!

I can NOT believe it is summer time already!! Seriously, where have the last 6 months gone? It seems like they have flown by in a blur.

With the hopes of keeping my sanity I am looking for stuff to keep the kids busy. Next week kicks off VBS at our church and that will keep us all occupied but for now I am struggling. I don't think it would be so hard if they were closer in age and all enjoyed the same things however at 14, 10, 5, and 1.5 its a challenge. As I mentioned in a the last post, any suggestions are welcome. 

Today we decided that it was a good day for slip and slide. Daddy just mowed the lawn and it was calling our name. The kids had a blast and I was able to sit in the grass and snap some of these pictures.


Katie was a pro and had to show the boys how it was done! She also discovered that she can practice sliding easy enough on here and that was enough to make me laugh! 

Caden, my born water dog, didn't get the concept that you had to run and slide. He sort of ran and flopped! Even so, he got the job done. He even stopped at the end a few times to sun bathe. Haha

It took Waylon a little bit to warm up to the water. For some reason he is hesitant around water but once he gets wet he loves it! 

"You expect me to get on that thing??!!"

Colten opted out of the water day to work out. He says, "I have to keep my endurance up for baseball!" He would eat, sleep, and breathe baseball if he could! I was able to snap a quick photo before he yelled at me! :-) 

They had a fun day and my plan worked amazingly. Waylon is down for a nap and the others are chilling out watching Life of Pi. All is calm in the Tipton household and this, my friends, is a rarity that I am relishing in!!  

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