Monday, June 24, 2013

My Guy Graduates...Ahhh Bittersweet!

Why does it seem like just yesterday he was crawling into my lap to snuggle and watch cartoons with me?? How come it feels like I just blinked my eyes and he went from an adorable little chubby baby to the handsome young man that stands before me today??

My heart is fighting this battle between being proud of who he is becoming and sad because it's all happening too fast. 8th grade graduation, girlfriends, talking about how he can't wait to turn 15 so he can get a job and save for his first car, and making plans for college as well as back up plans for just in case the MLB don't take him has this mommas head spinning! I just want to put this into slow motion because I feel like I am missing it all! 

Words can not express how proud I am of this kid! He really is a great kid with a good head on his shoulders. He is witty and smart and funny! He has amazing taste in music (that he gets from his mother) and is the best big brother anyone could ask for. He only complains a little and is usually first to jump up and help out. He has dreams and ambitions and determination and as much as it kills me to see him growing up I know he is on the right path. I know he is going to be successful and happy in whatever he chooses to do in his adult life.

Congratulations Colten, on completing this chapter of your life and moving on to bigger and better ones. Your father and I could not be any more proud of you and consider it a privilege to be your parents! I love you with all of my heart Boo and I can't wait to see what the future and God has in store for you!

So proud of our boy!!

Cousins :)

Proud grandparents!!

Best friends for life!....(just missing Hondro) I love these boys!

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