Friday, June 28, 2013

Five Minute Friday: In Between

Today's prompt is: In Between


Snuggled up close to my husband in bed trying to get some sleep before the chaos of tomorrow comes barreling at us once again, I hear the beginning of it...

He tosses and turns a few times and tries to settle himself. He sits up and begins searching for his favorite comfort... his nini. In my mommy brain I can visualize his moves perfectly. He will lay back down and rub his blanky against his face, again trying to seek comfort. I lay as still as I can silently praying that our littlest one will go back to sleep. Most of the time he will but last night wasn't one of those times. He cried and I went to him. I tried to calm him down but he kept saying "Daddy! Out!!" I am usually really good about sticking to my guns and making him stay in his own bed as I have learned from my previous 3 that is a hard habit to break! 

Last night was different. He needed me. He needed his daddy. He needed the comfort that being in between brings him. I scooped him and his beloved blanky up and carried him to my bed. Daddy rolled over and gave me the look. The one that says "once you start this it is not going to stop". I shake my head and tuck our little guy in snug as a bug. It only takes a few moments before his breathing levels out and he is fast asleep, comforted and safe in the in between.

There are times that we all need to be comforted like this. I, myself, find that even though I am in between a million, projects, to-do lists, bible studies, friendships, housework, ect, and it should be crazy, it really isn't. It's something to relish, to take comfort in, to enjoy. It is something that I am learning to embrace and be thankful for. I am learning that this in between time is full of the anticipation of what is next. What does God have planned for us and how is it going to play out?


Five minutes is NOT a long time to write but it is fun to see what my brain comes up with in that short amount of time. If you would like to learn more and give it a try link up with Lisa-Jo and hundreds of fellow bloggers for Five Minute Friday!


  1. This is so precious - it must be so nice to be a mom and be needed :) Loving Five Minute Friday!

  2. Hi Amber! Oh how I love the feeling of being able to comfort our kids. I so would have gotten that same "look" from my husband...but a mother knows what her kids need...haha! Great job.

  3. Thank you for stopping by ladies and for your sweet comments. ;-)