Saturday, April 6, 2013

Baseball Blues

Today is opening day for AJLL. We are so excited because we LOVE baseball... Well most of us do anyways.

This year Colten is in Juniors. This is his 4th season playing and he loves it! He truly has a passion for baseball and he is pretty decent. This season is bittersweet for Colten because he misses his team mates from Texas but to say he is very anxious to get started would be an understatement.

This season is Caden's first for tball. Or maybe I should say "was supposed to be" his first. We all know how crazy shy my little Cade is. Before signing him up we repeatedly reminded him that he would be on his own. Before we invested any money and time we asked over and over what he wanted to do. He swore up and down that he understood and that he was ready. He was truly VERY excited about playing.

Until the first practice!!!

Katie had to go out there and do it with him because he was too shy. Second practice he did half on his own and did really well. Third practice he got sick and was out for a week. The first practice back after being sick was ok. He made it through half the practice before he felt icky and was coughing his head off and had to stop. I felt like he should have toughed it out and finished but he refused. Now he says he doesn't want to play because he doesn't want to cough or get sick.But I know that's not why.

Ugh!!! This is where I am conflicted!!!

Do I push him to finish what he started even though he is scared? Or do I let him choose what he wants to do and support his decision?

On one hand I feel like I need to push him. I know he loves to play and that he could be pretty darn good. I know that the biggest factor is that he is shy and doesn't want to be in front of everyone because its uncomfortable. But sooner or later he must step out of his comfort zone and stop letting it hold him back. Do I push that now? Or do I wait, let him conquer Kindergarten and get used to being social and then try again next season?

Here is my fear..

I worry that if I push him into doing this he will have a bad experience and it will ruin any chance of him wanting to play later. I don't want to MAKE him do something he doesn't want to do but on the other hand I don't want him to think that just because something is hard and challenges us that its ok to just give up and quit. UGH!!! Parenting is HARD!!!

I am thankful that his coach is understanding and told Caden that his team would be there to support him no matter what.

So what do I do??? What would you do?! Suggestions? Comments? Concerns?

To leave on a positive note here is a pic of my (almost) 14 year old. We are very proud of him and his accomplishments. Go BOOMERS!!!!!

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