Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our First Sunday Update.

I have this idea popping around this random brain of mine. I figured I would run it by y'all and see what you think. I am thinking of doing a weekly post every Sunday. A Sunday Update. Just a run down of how our week went. What do ya think? Sound interesting?

Good cause here we go...

Colten has been staying after school for tutoring for the last couple of weeks. His grades have been low due to him not turning stuff in or waiting until the last to do something and getting low grades. I know he can do better then D's and he has proven me right. He has brought up all of his grade except one!  I am so very proud of him!!

As you know baseball season has kicked off. The Bombers have not gotten off to a great start. They have yet to win a game but they are getting better with each game. I have to give them credit though, because most of the teams they are playing against are club teams (meaning they are GOOD). They had a game on Friday and they did amazing! Colten got 3 really good hits, had 3 RBI's and rocked center field! Unfortunately, they missed the big W by ONE point! They are really coming together as a team and working very hard and I know that they are gonna kick some butt next week!

Katie has been working hard all semester on her cheer routine. This weekend she had her regional competition and she was SO nervous! After tons of attitude, 2.5 hours of curling hair and doing make up and last minute jitters we finally made it to PHX. They did amazing! Katie went out there confident and ready and she did excellent! They worked very hard and placed 3rd. Katie was a little bummed out that she wouldn't be going back to compete in the state competition but we explained that it's not about winning or losing but giving it your all and being happy with it at the end. It's a lesson she will have to learn but I am confident that she will get it and use it to thrive.

Caden is doing well. He is growing like a weed and there doesn't seem to be a slow down in the near future. He has been a defiant little booger lately and I think that is because he is feeling a little left out. Between Colten and baseball and Katie and cheer and all the craziness that typically surrounds our family he has been slipping through the cracks and that makes me sad. So this week it's my goal to make Mr Caden feel extra special, as he should. Plans are still in the works but I do see a mommy, daddy, and Cade date night in our very near future. On a positive note he can be an amazing helper when he wants to be. He does a great job of keeping Waylon entertained while mommy does homework. I love hearing the giggles they share when they are getting along.

Waylon is growing like a weed as well. I swear he is WAY to smart for his own good. He is starting to talk more and more. He knows a few things in sign language like bite, please, thank you, your welcome, and his newest one that he learned this week is I love you. It's so cute when he does it. It's really funny when he is signing because I will tell him "Say thank you mommy" and he will sign thank you and say mommy. I need to learn more signs to teach him but I am sure by the time I do that he will be saying them. His current goal seems to be figuring out how to climb out of his crib. With the help of big brother Caden I am sure he will have it down in no time! Yay! (haha not!)

Randy has been doing well. This week started out slow and not so good, like much of his weeks have been in the last few months, but turned around by the end of it. I am not at liberty to discuss details just yet but I can say that things are looking up for my husband. For all of us really! He works so hard to provide for us and does an amazing job at doing so and I will just be happy when all that hard work pays off for him. :-)

As for me, well this week was not as bad as last week. I did very well on a lab exam that I took on Wednesday, getting my first 10/10! WOO HOO for me and God knows I needed it! I have been under a TON of stress lately and just down in the dumps but things are looking up! I just can't wait until school is over and I can breathe again. I also can't wait to see what the future hold for us.... it's gonna be exciting, I know it!

We have another busy week ahead of us but as always we will take it head on and have as much fun with it as we can. I ask you to pray for our family for strength and guidance. I hope y'all have a blessed week!

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