Monday, March 25, 2013

An Uneventfully Eventful Weekend

I don't know why I bother planning stuff out. It just seems like I am creating more work for myself.

I go through what NEEDS to be done and what I WANT to get done and I make lists for each. Then I make a list on how I plan to implement these tasks and put them in order based on priority. I will then delegate (I do this part best hehe) who needs to do what or be where and when. I try to plan a schedule and of course that requires another list or two. Somewhere in all this planning mess I lose a list so I have to redo it which, in turn, means I find MORE stuff to add and other things to do and it's a vicious circle!!!! Do you see what I mean? All of this hard work for what?!?

I had our weekend planned out. I had everything figured, refigured and properly planned and ya wanna know what? Maybe 25% of it got done.... and that's being generous. Such a waste of time but it makes me feel better so ill continue to do it.

So what did we end up doing this weekend? A whole lot of nothing! Which for us mean it was semi-busy.

I took Waylon to the dr on Friday and he got a shot in his leg of antibiotics. The oral ones were making him have tummy issues and it was just no good. He was very angry at the nurse who administered the injection. When she came to check on him after the precautionary 10 min wait period she rubbed his leg and he grabbed her hand and pushed it away! Haha This boy can give some nasty looks I swear! She laughed at him and said he was adorable. He responded with an icy cold smile that seemed to say "touch me again and I'll show you just how adorable I can be, crazy woman!!"

After that we came home and waited for daddy to get here so he could get some sympathy. He went from happy to fake crying with in seconds of daddy walking in the door. He ran to Randy and did his fake cry and then pointed at me like he was telling on me for subjecting him to such horrible treatment. It was comical.

We grabbed sissy from school and the other kids from memaws and headed to Walmart. It was SUPPOSED to be a quick trip in and out but ended up getting prolonged cause daddy had to help some people get into their car. They locked the keys in. Randy ended up calling Jerrod who brought more tools and then mom and dad swung by and before we knew it we had us a family reunion in Walmart parking lot. Yep, we are from AJ! :-)

When we finally got home we made a pallet in the floor and watched Hop. Such a cute movie.

Saturday Colten had batting practice. We were ALL supposed to go but slept in so grandma came and took him. I was supposed to clean and study but only managed to get dishes done. No studying!! (SHOCKER!) The kids helped dad in the yard. They are trying to get it ready for Easter.

The last couple of weeks have been uber stressful for Randy and I so we decided to have a couple hours of "our" time. We went and got a quick bite and then met Jason at Harkins and watched Olympus Has Fallen. It was a really good movie.

Today... What did we do today? Oh yeah. We took Waylon to get his first ever haircut! I know, I was sad too. Bye bye baby curls! :'( We took him to Great Clips and the lady did a horrible job! I seriously mean horrible! I wanted to cry. Thank goodness Auntie Aubrey was able to fix it up for him. We had to bribe him with the horses to keep him still but it worked and looks much better. ***

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful. We came home and just hung out. I FINALLY started studying... I have a midterm exam for my A&P class tomorrow! (Have I mentioned how much I hate this class?) I know I have had a week to study but um... well what can I say I am a procrastinator! And the sickness that has plagued my house for the last two weeks didn't help any!

I guess I better get off here and get some sleep so I can get up early and study. Wish me luck! :-)

***Here are a couple of pics of Waylon first haircut!

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