Monday, March 18, 2013

Being sick stinks!!

Yes I am whining!!!

Aren't I allowed to do that every now and again?

It all started with Colten!! All week last week he kept saying "I am not sick. I feel fine mom!!" All week I kept telling him he WAS sick and needed to rest so he could get better. Friday, I took him to the dr because he wouldn't stop coughing his head off. Low and behold he has a viral infection that is going around. Not much ya can do about that except deal with it. Oh joy!

2 days ago Caden starts running fever and his cough is getting increasingly worse. Same for Waylon.

Wanna guess who is sick now?!?!?!


You guess it right! ME! Ugh! I hate being sick! I hate it even more when I have to deal with 3 sick boys at the same time!

I have fever, my head is pounding, my nose is stuffy and I can't breathe! All I want to do it go to bed and sleep it off! But then Waylon, cute as a button even with his snotty nose, comes up to me and gives me the bite sign indicating that he is! I say ok and wait another minute or two. Mr impatient (don't know where he gets that from) looks at me and realizes I obviously must have not understood what he was trying to say. He walks over to his high chair and proceeds to crawl inside. Once inside he looks at me as if to say, "Hey mom, do you get it now??!!" Yes, I get it little dude!! (Have I mentioned that he is ONLY almost 15 months old!)

I really do feel bad for them! They all feel just as icky as I do but they don't understand why! Poor Caden has been running super high temps and when his fever breaks he says, "MOM!!! I broke it again and it's pouring out! My pillow is soakin'!" Lmbo I shouldn't laugh but he is so serious when he says it!

So needless to say I am just crawling into bed. Medicine has been dispersed, temps have been checked and rechecked, and everyone has been made as comfortable as possible. Now if they could just stay asleep and sleep peacefully I will be a happy camper! But I am not holding my breath... It's already hard enough to breathe as it is!

Ok end of rant! :-) Good night my lovelies! I pray this sickness doesn't reach your home... And if your one of the ones that have been around lately and you do happen to get sick just remember... its Colten's fault! ;-)

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