Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's 3am.....

Matchbox 20 it currently playing in my mind right now which was triggered by the title of this post. Beautifully random, I know.

I should be sleeping. I WAS sleeping until poor little Waylon woke up crying. His teeth are hurting again. I will be happy when all those molars finally come in. Poor little guy is cutting 3 of them all at once. He is doing fairly well considering.
After he woke up I gave him some Motrin and some momma cuddles and he went back to sleep but he is restless.

I should be sleeping since I will have a houseful of kids tomorrow. I invited Steph and Hails to come over and hang out with the kids since its spring break for them and we aren't doing much. Katie and Cade were super excited. I haven't been able to spend as much time as I would like with them so I am excited too! I am contemplating braving the library with all 5 of them....Ill let you know how that goes. Lol

There is SO much bouncing around in my head all at once right now and I need to get it all out but have no clue where to start. I am positive it would be just one jumbled mess when it was over. So I'll take it one post at a time and eventually it may all start to make sense. ( aren't you excited for what's to come, friends? Haha)

Here is just a few of the potential topics you have to look forward to:

Katie's new adventure
The boys and baseball
School updates
Changes....Yes, just one more time!!!
Colten's quickly approaching 14th birthday
Waylon's 1st bday post... Haha a little late
Getting healthy...Or not
Glow Rush
Lost Dutchman Days
Burned Bridges...Charred or slightly singed?
Why must I stress?
The Brutal Truth
Unanswered Questions...Do I really want to know?
What's Driving Me?!

There's more... I am sure there it. So yeah, stay tuned....

For now I must turn off my brain (and my phone) and get some sleep. After I play one last game of Candy Crush, of course! ;-)

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