Friday, July 20, 2012

Making The Move

A week ago tonight we were getting everything finished up and loaded, saying our final goodbyes, and getting ready to hit the long road back to our hometown.

We took the scenic route back (the 40). I have added some photos of our journey.

It was a LOOOONG trip but we made it safely!

How do I feel?? Well that's a tough one. As I have said before, it's bittersweet. I have missed home for so long but I had become comfortable in Texas. My heart rejoices at the fact that we are home but I have realized in the last few days that I left a big chunk of it back in Texas.

It's funny. For the first year and a half of being there all I could think of is how I wanted to be back in Arizona. The kids felt the same way too. Then we made friends and had some family move close and even found a great church. Then the bottom drops out and things change. Never in a million years would I have thought the roles would be reversed and the yearning I had would be for Texas. It's not as strong as it was for Arizona and I am pretty sure it has a lot to do with the people I left but it's there and it's tugging at my heart!

It doesn't help that the kids seem to be all mixed up. They are doing well at hiding most of it (which scares me a little) but it comes out in their behavior. They are extra emotional and it rubs off on me. Heck, we are probably feeding off each other. :-( I am praying that once school starts and we get out on our own and reestablish our old routine things will get better.

I am asking for prayers though. Please pray the God will give us strength and direction. We know that He has chosen this path for us and that He has great plans for our futures. We trust in that and in Him. Sometimes the paths we have to travel to get to where He wants us to be are bumpy and foggy but we will keep going. Your prayers will help and are greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance. We love you all!

 As promised....... Pics! :)

Goodbye Texas, Hello New Mexico
Such a good baby while we traveled.
After many, many, many hours of driving/riding
The end is near and that makes us happy!!!  


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