Monday, May 16, 2011

Been a long time

Wow! It sure has been a long time since the last time I have wrote. Seems like I have just forgot about this little blog of mine. In reality, that's not that way at all. I have started a few different posts and have had tons of topic ideas it's just that I have failed to get them on here. Sometimes, my life is crazy and that my friend, has been the reason for my absence. Please forgive me and know that it is my intent to keep you updated at least a couple times a week. :)

So how has my life been in the last couple months or so? Hmmm, can we say roller coaster? Yep, roller coaster would definitely be one way to put it. Mostly just for me though. Some days are good, some not so much. I struggle with longing for home more then I would like to. Some days this struggle over takes me and I find it hard to think of anything else. Those are my low points on the roller coaster. I become very emotional and kind of grumpy. Unfortunately, since I don't have anyone else close to me here, My Cowboy gets the brunt of it all. In hindsight I feel bad. I know that there are times that he struggles just as much as I do and it's unfair that I throw our decisions in his face when I am having a bad day. We made this decision together, as a team. I need to learn how to take some responsibility for that decision even when I feel down and out about it.

On the other hand not everyday is bad. We have been staying busy with Boo and baseball. He is doing pretty good. It was a rough start for him since he has never played before but thankfully his coaches are awesome and he has improved SO much. He really likes it and we enjoy it because it gives us something to do. We have also met some really cool people so that is a plus. :)

Buggy and Wywy are doing good as well. Getting bigger and bigger as the days go by. Bug is doing well in school but looking forward to the summer. Wy is being his spunky little self. Such a handful and some days I don't think I can handle another minute of his crazyness. Then some days he is the best kid anyone can ask for! My life would be so boring with out them!

Well I have a huge list of things to do so I must stop writing now. It is my goal to keep you all updated at least a couple times a week so stay tuned! We also have some pretty exciting news to share in the next couple of days so if you wanna know be sure to follow! :) Thanks and God Bless!

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