Tuesday, May 17, 2011


As you can see we are expecting baby number 4! We are SO very excited! 

We had our first ultra sound today. Daddy and Wywy were there to see the baby with me. They were so very excited! Wy kept saying that there were 2 babies in mommy's  tummy and I have to say that he was starting to make me a little nervous. One is great but two??!! Thank God there is only one! 

So why did we decide to add to our family of 5? Well, my cowboy has been asking for about a year now. He has been pretty persistent about it and I have been pretty adamant about standing my ground. Our youngest little cowboy is a handful! I can't count haw many times I have said that if he was our first he would have been our last. Definitely the most challenging of the three kids by far. But, like his brother and sister, he has a heart of gold and can be the sweetest little boy when he wants to be. So one night back in December my hubby and I were laying in bed talking and I mentioned that I  had to decided what kind of birth control I wanted to do because it was coming up on three years and my Implanon was due to be removed. He started in on just having another baby and at first I dismissed it as usual. But laying there for awhile I started thinking of all the reasons we shouldn't and surprisingly all the reasons why we could. After giving it lots of thought, and tons of prayer I decided lets do it. My cowboy was beside himself with excitement and in January we had the implant removed. 

During then and now I have had a change of heart about half a dozen times. Doubt creeps in and I start second guessing my decisions. The kids will be driving me crazy one day and I will throw my hands up and ask myself, "Am I gonna really add another one to this chaos??" I even had a day where I told Pookie that I couldn't do it. After we tried for a couple months with no success we decided that maybe we should wait until I was a little less hesitant. Then guess what..... it happens! :) 

Seeing that little heartbeat today really hit home. I am gonna be a mommy again! I can honestly say that I am excited about the thought of having a little one in my arms again. Seeing how happy my husband is and how excited the kids are makes me feel confident that we have made the right decision. We also have amazing friends and family that are behind us 100% and thats awesome. What is more important then family and friends to share the love with? 

Anyway, as of today the baby is 7 weeks 5 days. My official due date is December 29th. I will keep you all updated as time goes by through this blog. Thank you so very much for all of your support and well wishes. Each and every one of them make us feel special and loved. We feel so blessed!
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