Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What A Day!!!


 I did not think this day was ever going to come! It has been a work in progress and there have been many many many times that I didn't think I would make it through but here I am....alive and well and SUCCESSFUL! 

Yep I did it! I actually pulled it off and passed my Anatomy and Physiology class (Bio202) with a 73%!! Normally that grade would not be something I would be celebrating but today I am thankful for it! This has been THE HARDEST class I have even taken. I have worked very hard for that grade, studying for hours with an amazing group of girls, and I can honestly say that I gave it my all. I am proud of my C!

This has opened my eyes to the reality that lies before me. I have always known that the career path that I have chosen to take was not going to be easy but I have never doubted whether or not I could do it. Until recently! A close friend of mine who has worked her butt off for awhile now failed her 4th block in the nursing program. This is the first thing that had me stepping back and saying whoa! I have seen how hard she worked, what she has sacrificed, and heard how hard it is and the fact that she fell a little short scares the crap out of me. Then you add this class and what a struggle it was really has me wondering if I can do it. 

I am not the type to give up and that is NOT the direction I am leaning toward but all of this makes me think and as we all know that can be a dangerous thing. :-) All I know right now is I passed and i have to focus on that because that's all that matters. I also know that with out the advice from my friend and the 3 amazing girls that studied with me all semester I would not be as happy as I am right now! So thank you Jodi for being my go to person for advice and for helping me calm down during my many freak out moments. Many thanks to Crystal, Taylor, and Emily for helping me laugh through this semester and finding funny ways to memorize stuff. You crazy girls actually made studying fun and memorable and it was a pleasure to get to know each of you.

I also need to say thank you to my husband for putting up with me and my stressed out-moody-irritable-jerky-up-and-down attitude this semester. You have really stepped up and helped me get through this with minimal damages and I really can't tell you how much that means to me. I know I do a lousy job of showing it sometimes,especially when I am stressed out, but I am thankful for you and I love you very much! Another BIG thank you to my mother in law for watching my kids for me, when Bub couldn't, while I was at school. I know they are a handful and I know that even though you say you don't mind they still drive you nuts!!! 

Lastly, I have to thank my grandma Betty for being the driving force and at times the single reason why I haven't already thrown my hands up and said I am done! There have been a countless number of times that the thought has crossed my mind but I know you would be disappointed in me and the thought of that is something I can not bear. 

Now, with all that being said, I guess the only thing left to say is.......

HELLO SUMMER 2013!!!!!

Well for me anyways! HAHA the kids still have until next Wednesday! ;-)

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