Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I Am Still Here!!!

I figured that since I have been MIA for a little while I should pop on over and let y'all know that I am still here.. Still alive!

So much has happened in the last two weeks and my head is still spinning from it all. Once I get some quiet time I will fill you in on all the awesome details but for now let me just give you a run down. 

My husband was blessed enough to get his old job back and we made the decision to move back to Texas, we found a house (via an amazing friend who was able to do our leg work) that allows the kids to stay in the districts they were in before we left, my oldest graduated 8th grade, we packed up the UHaul that day, my BFF flew in from TX to ride back with me, we said some hard goodbyes, we had a VERY long drive but finally got here, hubby started work and loves it, kids are doing well and are excited to be back, and finally, we are trying to get unpacked, settled, and into a routine! Slowly but surely!! 


I told you it has been insanely busy but I promise to elaborate on all of it as soon a I can! Until then just know we are all here, happy, and healthy and we love you all bunches! 


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