Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Mom, your grounded!"

Yep, I heard these exact words tonight from my oldest son! I am grounded! Haha let me explain.

We have a rule in our home for our oldest, Colten. If he doesn't make good grades and he falls below a C he gets grounded from his cell phone and other electronic devices until he brings them up. Actually, this rule goes for Katie too but she has only had 2 C's in her life so I think we are all good there. (FYI that was per her so until I can verify that for myself I will take her word for it. My memory wants to say she is correct but my memory has been known to be wrong every once in awhile.)

Ok back to my point. Colten just came off groundation for this very thing. Well tonight on our way to dinner we stop by our PO Box and check the mail. Randy runs in really quick and grabs it and once he gets back in the car he starts going through it. I was preoccupied with checking the stats for my ff (yes I am STILL in the lead) to pay attention to what he got. WELL, my college sent me a cute little letter that my amazing husband proceeds to open and read out loud.

"Dear Amber Tipton,

This letter is to notify you that your grade in the class listed below has fallen to a D!"

Oh Lord why didn't you give my husband brains enough to know he SHOULN'T out me like that??!! Do you know how HARD it is to say you must make good grades or you don't get your technology?!

First thing out of Colten's mouth was "Give me your phone mom, your grounded!!!" WHAT??? Ummm no??!! Talk about double standard! And to top it off I was caught so of guard (because I had my head stuck in my phone) that I wasn't prepared with a witty comeback or even a decent reason why that rule doesn't apply to me. I was backed into a corner, drowning helplessly and he busted out the question "Why don't you have the same rule as us mom!!??"

Yes, I did it. I did what I SWORE I would never do to my child! I used the one thing that every kid hates. "Because I said so!"

I know, I know!! It tried to take it back but the damage was done. I sounded just like my mother and grandmother! Oh the agony!!! I should have my mouth washed out or something!!! Even worse, he bought it! So low, so very very low!!

Moral of the story? Don't ground your kids for something if your gonna do the exact thing your telling them not to do!! Wanna guess who has to study EXTRA EXTRA hard to bring my grade up to at least a C? Smh!! What has this world come to??!!

P.S- Have I mentioned lately how much math sucks??!! It's ruining my life I tell ya!!! :-)

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