Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ready for a slow down.

WoW! Things are totally crazy right now! (Yes I know I say this A LOT but it's so true!) Its a good/busy type of crazy though.

We are getting all situated in our new place, slowly but surely. Yes, there are boxes everywhere and no one can find half their stuff but it's coming along. We got the Internet hooked up today. Yesterday we got a kitchen table (thank you Craigslist!). Today I scored big time at goodwill on a dresser for Katie's room and an adorable little table and chairs for the kids to go in the computer room. Is it sad that I am so excited over my Goodwill finds and even more excited that Saturday is 50% off the entire store?! (Don't judge, I am a mom of 4 which in turn means I am cheap! Haha) As I said, things are coming together quite nicely!

I do have to admit that I am surprisingly shocked at how well my kids are adjusting to the new house. I had expected some resistance or perhaps some more rebellion due to the fact that it was yet another big change. They have been doing amazingly well. Caden has slept in his bedroom EVERY NIGHT, all night long. Katie, who had been giving us a hard time at bed time with going to sleep, has been doing great at getting to bed on time and we haven't had to move her bedtime up at all yet. I assumed that Waylon would have issues getting adjusted because it was a new place/surroundings but he is doing awesome! Sleeps all night and explores all day. Colten couldn't be more excited! He was the first one unpacked and set up. By first I mean we got the keys Friday, moved all of our stuff from storage that night then came back over Saturday to put the beds up and unpack. He had his room arranged but Saturday evening, completely! Lol crazy kid.

It feels right. It feels like we have been here forever and not just 5 days. I love that feeling. :-) I will be excited when everything slows down though. We have been going going going! Unpacking, arranging, setting up, all while going to work, school and normal life stuff. It's exhausting I tell ya! I can't wait until its all done and we can relax.

On a completely different topic, my grandma had surgery today. :-( She has been having some pain and other issues with throwing up ad stuff so they took her in and it turns out that she has stones in her bile duct. Today they did a procedure to remove them. Once they got in their they realized that it was way worse then they thought it was and they were not able to get them all. They didn't want to cause too much damage and risk infection so they will let here heal for a couple weeks and go in again.

It worries me because I am so far away. I know it's a pretty routine surgery but I wish I could be there with her. It reminds me that they are getting older and that they won't be around forever. To think about that is almost more then I can handle! I have asked for prayers via Facebook and received such a great response from so many. I really appreciate it. It brings me comfort to know that so many prayers are going up for her. I know she will be ok!

My eyes are getting heavy so I will end this crazy random all over the place post. Thanks for following long with me guys. You are greatly appreciated and much loved!!

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