Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Today has felt like it has been SO long!!! So much excitement and fun. This is the first time in 2 years that we went trick or treating "our" way. Every year since Katie was like 2, we all got together on Halloween with our golf carts an drove the neighborhood by where we lived. Even after we moved we still would haul the carts out there and go through the neighborhoods. It was a tradition that our kids had come to love. When we moved to Texas we sold our golf cart so we couldn't do it anymore. Tonight, thanks to uncle Jerrod and aunt Aubrey, we resumed that tradition and I must say, we had a blast!

Katie dressed up as a baby. She looked so cute in her owl slippers and pajamas with a paci she borrowed from Waylon. She had her hair in pigtails and carried a diaper bag. She was adorable.

Caden decided he wanted to be a dinosaur this year. He made a pretty cute one too. He told me I had to take a picture of him and send it to his friend Cayden Nash because he would know what kind of Dino it was. Sure enough Cayden AND his mommy knew. I would share with you what kind exactly but honestly I forgot. Haha

Waylon was a ducky. That lasted for about 5 houses and he was done. (and so was his mommy! He is a heavy little booger!) he was tired and hot from his costume and was more interested in helping daddy drive then running around like his crazy siblings. He sure did look cute though.

Colten had decided that he was not going to trick or treat this year. He said he was "too old" However, once we got there he found a bag and hit the houses with the rest of them... He wore his street clothes and surprisingly made out pretty well.

It was a fun night that was spent with family and that made me happy. I caught myself thinking about Texas and the festivities that we would be doing if we were still there though. I miss it. I miss my friends and the fun we had. I think that out of all this I have learned one very important lesson. DON'T TAKE PEOPLE FOR GRANTED!!! If I would have known that our time together was limited I would have squeezed every second I could out of those people back there! I think of all the time wasted and yearn to have that back. I think that too often we are guilty of this. We need to learn to treasure the little moments and the people that we assume will always be there with us because one day they won't and then all you will have are the what if's and should haves. :-/

Anyways, totally didn't intend for this post to go in that direction. Gotta thank the randomness of my brain. I will leave you with some pictures from tonight. Good night y'all!

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