Thursday, September 27, 2012

Faith, Friendship, and Fun

This exact time one week ago I was on my way to the airport. I was so excited I couldn't think straight. I was on my way to Texas. Home! Oh my heart was overflowing with joy! Kim had an exciting weekend planned out for us with most of our time being spent at Women of Faith. I was most excited for the anticipated girl time that I knew was in store. Oh how I had missed my friend. What I got was something I never seen coming.

My plane landed in DFW at 4:50am on Friday morning. I was greeted by two of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen. They both had smiles from ear to ear and I literally felt my heart overflow with love for these two. Oh how I had missed their faces!! Hugs were passed out and then we headed to the car and when I stepped outside I caught the sweet smell of that amazing Texas air! Oh my goodness, I can't find words to describe how awesome that was.

On the way to Kims house I kept feeling these pangs of.... Ugh what's the word I am looking for?... Sadness? Sorrow? Longing. Yeah perhaps that's it. Longing. My heart kept screaming this is home!!! While my mind reminded me that it would be short lived.

Once we arrived at Kim's house I was greeted by her husband Mark who said, in a typical Mark fashion, "Uggg I have to see YOU before I go to work?!" haha He is such a nerd and I would expect nothing less from him. Once Kim snapped her fingers (haha inside joke!) and told him to go to work he left us in peace. We were all exhausted and decided to take a little nap.

3 hours later we got up and did what any normal girls would do. We got dressed and went to find us some grub! And oh boy did we ever! We went to Babes. I lived in Texas for 2 and a half years and I had never eaten there. Boy was I missing out!!! I was miserable by the time we finished.

We headed home so Kim could gather her stuff for our over night trip and then we headed to pick up Cayden from school. Kim went in and got him and when he came out and saw me he started giggling. His laugh warmed my heart. I really did miss that crazy little boy.

We headed off to the salon to get our nails done and while I was waiting for my turn I got to have an awesome conversation with Cayden! This kid has talent when it comes to making me feel less then adequate then it comes to thinking on his level. Many will assume that it's because he is only 6 and it  is hard to get on a level with a 6 yr old but it's the exact opposite. Cayden has a way of making you feel like your, for the lack of a better word, an idiot. Lol he is super smart and very witty! This is sort of off topic of where I want this post to go and I know it's gonna make me look stupid but I must share it to make my point. Here is just one of many of our conversations from that day:

Cayden says: "I went to the doctor and got a shot!"
Me: "Ouch!"
Him: "Yeah, I can climb walls! I just climb right up them like spider man."
Me: "Wow! Thats pretty cool. That shot must have given you a special power to be able to do that."
Him: (looking at me like I am an idiot) "NO! The shot was so I didn't get the flu!!" (DUH) Followed by a look of "REALLY??!!"

That was just one example of my time with Cayden. There is another incident that has to do with a 'fedora' but I'll leave that alone for now. (gotta save some of my dignity!)

While I was getting my nails done Kim took the kids home to Mark and when she came back we headed to find our hotel in Dallas. We were staying at the Hilton and it was so pretty! Once we got all checked in and freshened up we went down stairs to catch the shuttle over to American Airlines center for the first night of WOF. The shuttle ride was.... Eventful. Let's just say I am thankful to have gotten there in one piece.

Anyways, we got there and for checked in and found our seats. I was so excited!!! I had never been to a WOF event before and I didn't l ow what to expect. Cece Winans was there and did an amazing job. I love her songs and her voice is so powerful. Great worship part of the service.

Ken Davis was also there that night. His story was heartfelt, funny, uplifting, and just plain amazing! He is actually my favorite of the whole weekend. He made me laugh and cry and laugh again. Amazing man with an amazing story and he really touched my heart.

**** I need to stop here because my phone is going to die and my eyes are burning but I will pick this up tomorrow. Trust me, you will want to hear the second half. :-)

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