Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Today was such a good day! We woke up early even though we went to bed late! We were very determined to make it to church today. Life has seemed to be getting in the way lately and we have not been constant in our routine of going. This is something that has been really bothering me! How are we supposed to build our foundation if we let silly things keep us from church?

Besides Satan throwing his curve balls at us to try to keep us from going there has been another factor that has a hand in why we are dragging our feet on Sunday mornings. We have yet to find a church home here in Texas! I know I know it's crazy since every where you turn there is a church! Don't get me wrong we have visited many and even found a few that have potential but we have yet to find a church that gives us "that" feeling. Do you know what I mean? The feeling of being at home. That comfort feeling. Does that make sense? I am not sure if this is because we are comparing every place we visit to our former church, The Living Word Bible Church in Mesa, Az or if we just haven't found the one yet. I told Bub, my hubby, that we have to realize that we are just not gonna find exactly what we had at LW unless we go home, which is not an option right now. He says he doesn't like being "floaters" and just wants to find a place to belong. A place where we can grow in God. A place we can call our church home!

I believe God will lead us there I just pray it happens soon! Please keep us in mind when your praying friends. We can use all the prayers we can get. It's important that we be where God wants us to be and we are just asking for guidance and direction!

Anyways, after church this morning we had lunch and then came home to be lazy! Buggy, our 8 yr old daughter says "Lazy Sundays are my favorite." This is bitter sweet for me because while I know she loves spending these days together as a family I also know that she feels like something is missing. Grandma and Papa were a big part of their weekends when we were back home (AZ) and while we were at lunch this afternoon I could tell she was missing them. While praying for our meal she asked God to please bless them today which gave me the hint of what was on her mind. :( I hurt for her, for all if us really.

Being away from family stinks! Being alone is very hard. Especially when we were so intagrated into our family and friends lives. I think the biggest struggle has been not being able to be there and missing out on so many important things. I know that we are here in Texas fir a reason and although we may not know exactly what that reason is or what God has planned for our future I have to believe it is for the better. I have to stand on my faith and trust that He knows what He is doing in our lives. If and when God decides that we are done here and we have accomplished all we needed to I am confident he will show us the next step! We pray everyday that He sends us back to our family. With out family and friends and the support they give us what do you have? Who do you have to lean on when you know nobody? God!! Maybe his plan is for us to realize that we need to put him first!! In every part of our lives. No holding back at all. Maybe the only way we could do that is to be here, seemingly alone. Hmmmm definitely something to ponder upon and pray about.

Sorry I had no intentions on babbling on like that. That last part I just kinda stumbled upon as I was writing. Didn't mean to bore ya but hey it's my life and if you know me you know that it's very random. :) thanks for reading. Until next time, love and prayers!!

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