Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Just life

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Things are going well. All the drama has passed, thank God. Things are finally settled down and are peaceful. I have decided, as usual, to be the bigger person. Forgive I can do but I doubt I will ever forget!! All in all i am over it...

Now for more important things. My kids are doing well. Colten is doing much better is school although reading is still a struggle I see him making progress. I am so absoultly saddend by the fact that my baby is going to be 9 in a month and a half. He is so smart and witty. Which is good unless he is using his wit to talk back which at these time makes me want to beat him to death.. 

As for our little princess katie she is well...she is a princess. In every sense of the word. She is a drama queen and she knows what she wants and just how to get it... Go to daddy when mommy says no. I swear that is her motto. She is very strong minded and doesnt like to be told no. She reminds me of her aunt brandie. lol She is doing well and she is mommys little helper (when she wants to be). All I can say is I feel sorry for her teacher when she starts school in Aug.. lol   

And finally we have baby Cade. He is gettng so big. He just started eating baby food this week and is doing well. I think he is getting fatter everyday. lol he is also rolling over and putting things in his mouth... He is growing up and is makes me sad...

As for my pookie. Well he is working his butt off and it sucks. We miss him lots and I know he misses us too. Hopefully things will get better soon. Ok enough for now. I can tell by Cades crys that it is time to stop playing on the computer now 

Duty calls... lots of love  

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