Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A sad situation

Current mood:crushed

When you put everything you have...your heart and soul into something/someone and you trust them to guard it and keep it whole and they turn around and hand it back to you in a million little pieces what are you supposed to do?

How do you react to that? 

How do you pick up and move forward?

How do you ever trust again? 

Love again??? 

The sad thing is this person that has destroyed everything for you is usually the person you love the most and even though this horrible thing has happened its still there. Your love for them is still there. You still want them and sadly you still need them... Where do you go from there????

I care too much and that usually makes me vulnerable. Just once I wish I cauld find that one person that I can give my heart and know that with out a doubt it is safe. Does such a person exisit??? Where do i find them and how do i keep them??? How do I make it better? How do I make the hurt go away?????

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