Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bored and feel like gripping

So I am sitting here really really bored and I decided that I would write a little. Things suck but I think thats just because I am in a really bad mood today. It could have something to do with my husbands "new" job. For those who dont already know there is no more Jade Grading.. They went Bye Bye. Its now Gateway Crushing and Recycling. Can’t say I am sad though. Jade was starting to suck. I can say that I am not happy because Pookie just informed me that this crushing thing can mean that he has to travel... Like go to Indiana for 4 weeks for training... Dude we have not been apart for more then a week in the whole 11 years we have been together... What the heck am I gonna do for 4 weeks????? He also said that they might have crushing jobs that are out of town in the future.... I dont like that...Yeah I am needy I know but damn I have 3 kids and they are a handful.... 

What else can i gripe about...Oh yeah I think I am getting sick...AGAIN.... Just my luck huh..... Oh Cade just woke up and thay means my time is up............. 

Til next time

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