Friday, March 14, 2008

Fake friends

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People often ask me why I dont have more friends? I am fun and outgoing they say. I am a kindhearted person that will usually do anything for anyone in need. This is true. I am all of the above. This makes me vulnerable. It makes me opened to get screwed. It makes me hate fake people. 

So my answer to this question is pretty simple. 


I have people that I talk to and people that I occasionally associate with. And that is nice but I dont let them in. not really. I also have those few rare friends that I know I can count on to never let me down. These are my friends. (People I can leave alone with my husband and not worry if they are trying to get in to his pants) ~i am still a little bitter so i had to add that~lol People that I can trust and that I love and respect. People that show me a the same trust, love and respect. 

So to these few people and you know who you are...Thank you!! Thank you for being there when I need you and even when I dont. For everyone else dont be fake. Be who you are and be proud. And for all of those people who are out there who are just like me I say we all get together and kick everyones ass that we thought were friends but really screwed us in the end... Whos with me..... LMAO

Love you lots

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