Friday, September 20, 2013

Five Minute Friday: She

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Today's word: She

It has been a couple weeks since I have done a FMF. Life has a way of getting away from me and time flies right out the window. Just a few minutes ago I was sitting at the kitchen counter cutting toast in half for my little guy thinking about the million things I have to do before I leave on my mini mommy vacation. I gave the baby his toast and said "make sure you eat it all...the crust will make your teeth strong!" I froze and immediately a smile spread across my face. A very strong memory of my childhood came rushing back and I was overwhelmed with emotions. Bittersweet emotions.

She was one of the most influential people in my life. I have slowly come to realize this as the things she taught me come out through the way I raise my own children. Like today with the toast, she used to tell me that! I was so little and I remember thinking that was the most crazy thing I have ever hear....but I ate the crust just in case! She was strong, so very strong, both in will and determination. She was a fire cracker who enjoyed nothing more then giving everyone crap....mostly me! She could hold her own against anyone that dare go against her. She was good for a laugh too. She was easy to get riled up and close family knew how to do that well. Once you got her going there was no stopping her either. When it she did eventually wind down it would usually end with her calling everyone "damned fools" and her retreating back to her beloved chair.

 I remember one time we she was living with me and we were having a birthday party for my daughter who was turning 3. We had lots of friends and family over. (including my husbands grandma who was very churchy.) My brother in law thought it would be funny to get her going and somehow started a conversation about my husband and I having another baby, which was not true! I was in school at the time and had no intentions of having another baby. He told her that I was trying to get pregnant. She argued that I wasn't but he insisted. I tried to tell her he was being funny but she wouldn't hear it. She jumped up out of her chair and in front on everyone said, "Nicka you BETTER not be trying to get knocked up!!" then she looks right at my husband and says, "you better be using those things, those condom things!!!" The house roared with laughter but my husband and I were SO embarrassed. I was worried Randy's grandma would be offended but by the end of the night she was chit chatting away and said she had a great time before leaving. 

She was one of my most favorite people whom I loved more then anything and every day here with out her stinks. But I am comforted by knowing that little things like making toast for my kids will remind me of her and in turn set off a chain reaction of memories (that will most like lead to a blog post like this one haha) that somehow pushes through the tears and makes me smile. I take comfort in knowing that despite how ornery she was she knew her God and one day I will see her again....then she can yell at me once more.

She is my grandma Betty. She is one I will carry in my heart and my memories for the rest of my days! 

Grandma Betty with my oldest....2000

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