Monday, August 19, 2013


YAWN!!!!! STREEEETCH! Yawn again as thoughts of how comfortable my bed must feel right now pass through my fuzzy head! I need coffee. A lot of coffee!

I am so tired this morning. Idealistically I would still be sleeping but with six kids running around I am pretty sure that isn't going to happen! 

I TRIED to go to sleep early last night. By early I mean 11ish. Yeah that didn't happen. Once again my tendency to procrastinate got the best of me and of course nothing went right when I finally got what needed to be done finished. After a few hours of panic, confusion, and frustration we (my mother in law and I) figured it out. I think by the time I finally climbed into bed it was somewhere around 2:30ish.


I am actually kind of bummed out about it. I had planned on getting up early. By early I mean 6. This is the last week of vacation for the kids and I am trying to get them in school schedule mode. Also, classes start for me today and I wanted to get a jump start on that. But the biggest reason why I wanted to get up early is because today is the first day of the fall bible study that I joined through Hello Mornings. I am really excited about this study and actually wanted to get up and enjoy some alone time with the bible and God. Totally not the way I wanted it to go but I was only an hour late getting up and I did get what I needed to get done so that's a good thing right? Tomorrow is a new day and I am sure that by the time bed time rolls around I will be more then happy to climb into bed.

Life is about to get a little crazy around here. Yeah I know what your much crazier can it get?! HAHA With school starting next week and baseball/softball for Colten and Katie on top of my classes, church, and whatever else falls into our laps it is bound to get interesting. I will try to keep ya up to date on how it's going. 

Wish us luck and pray for us! Me especially! LOL I can't believe that I am gonna have a Freshman, a 5th grader, and a Kindergartner this year! That's crazy and a whole other blog post lol.

Happy Monday friends!!!

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