Friday, August 16, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Small

Today's prompt is: Small


Small.....hmmmm. My mind goes to everything that is no longer small.

For example, my children. With my oldest going into high school this year comes a huge reality check for me. I worry about him. I worry about the struggles he will face and the challenges that he will over come. None of which will be small.

I wonder if I have done my job as a parent well enough to keep him from making the same mistakes...ugh I hate that phrase.... from following the same path as I did. I want him to be successful and happy and I want him to live big, not small!

We have been trying so hard to surround the kids in God. To dive in deep and grab a hold of the promises He has for us. To give them a good solid foundation to stand on when the are faced with the bad things in this world that are sure to be there...especially in high school.

Have we done a good enough job or were our efforts too small?

I guess, once again, I am forced to put everything in God's hands. Those are something that are NEVER to small! I know that the plan that He has for our lives, our futures, is going to be HUGE and I take comfort in that. I hold on to that...because I know that even if I fall short He wont!


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  1. Beautiful ... you are ... and so is your family.

  2. Giving thanks with you for His greatness and how His power is made perfect in our weakness...when we are small! Blessings to you!

  3. Oh my dear... I know for a fact you have done your job and God is still working. He is more that prepared for high school and will flourish in his dreams. Nothing about the way he dreams and aims for is small. God radiates on his face and he will do amazingly. He is in the best hands possible. Rest in God sweet momma. You have and are doing great and it's going to be an amazing new season in all of your lives. (((HUGS)))

  4. Yes, His hands are NEVER too small for our needs, our shortcomings, our prayers. He holds them all in his powerful, faithful loving hands. Your oldest boy is in His grip and that's the best place he can ever be. Thanks for sharing your heart. Blessings!