Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Little Bit of The Good Stuff

Life is hectic! There is no way to get around it. Being a mom of 4, a student, and a wife means that my plate is ALWAYS full. Add in our current situation and it equals mass chaos. Needless to say we were all yearning for some rest and relaxation.

This past weekend we got a little bit of that. 

There is nothing sweeter then sitting in the middle of the forest near the lake listening to the sweet sounds of nature, the giggles of my children as they fish, the wings of an eagle as he swoops down to pluck his dinner out of the water...... it was EXACTLY what I needed.

I am going to let the pictures tell the rest of the story....

An amazing view from the Rim
On our way back to Woods Canyon Lake we came across this beautiful momma and her baby
My sweet babes <3
I love this shot!
Waylon's first camping and fishing trip
My master fisherman

I wish I would have zoomed in so you can see the trout that is in the clutches of this massive bird. It was AMAZING  to see. He swooped down and plucked him right out of the water about 10 feet from us. The kids were in awe. Colten says, "Wish we could fish like that!"

Waiting for the big "Blue Gear" to eat his worm
Caden saw this little guy and says, "Lets fish the duck daddy!"

This little guy slithered up on Colten while he was fishing. Just being curious.
 Katie with her first catch. All happy and calm...........
Until the fish wiggled a little...hahaha I love it!
They had such a good time

We had a great time! It was so awesome to just relax and spend quality time with each other and those who are important to us. We can't wait until we can go again and I am positive that there will be many many more of these trips in our future.


  1. What an awesome time!!! Beautiful scenery to match the beautiful memories!!! Thank you for sharing them! <3 you guys!

    1. Thanks Lynds! Love and miss you!

    2. Thanks Lynds! Love and miss you!

    3. Love and miss you tons too girlie!!!! xoxo