Monday, December 13, 2010

Getting Started!

Hello! I am not really sure how this is supposed to work so I am just gonna jump right in and start "talking". I will give you background as needed. A really good friend of mine got me started with this Blog. I find it interesting and I like reading what others have to say. I have never really Blogged before so bare with me. I am also planning on adding and modifying my site so it reflects me more. Again, this may take some time so please stick around. 

School is over for me until the beginning of January so I have time to put some effort into this. I am excited about it and I hope you all enjoy. So lets get started!
My life is all but boring. I have 3 beautiful children and they keep me going so I don't really have time to get bored. Plenty of time to go crazy but not be bored. We made a big move to Texas from Arizona about 8 months ago and we have yet to find our "place" here. It was a hard move on my kids and in all honesty on me too. We were established in Arizona. We had our friends, family, and comfort there. I know that God didn't move us here just for fun so we are holding tight to our faith and waiting to see what He has planned for us.

With Christmas coming upon us hard and fast I can't help feeling a little blue. This is the first Christmas where we will be on our own, just the 5 of us. Part of me is excited for the new beginning. For the new traditions we can start for our little family. For the closeness that it will bring us. The other part of me misses our family and friends and the traditions that we were integrated in. I miss it for the kids too. It is hard for them being away from grandma and grandpa. But I am sure we will get through it. We will pull together as a family and console each other. We will make it this I am sure of. We may have to lean a little heavier on the Lord and have him carry us through the tough times.  

Ok enough babbling for now. I will write more later. (Is it normal to post more then once a day?) Welcome to my life and I hope, if there are any followers, that you enjoy!

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