Thursday, November 20, 2008

Babbling like always

Well it is once again that time. Time to fill you in on how life is going in my crazy little world here.

Things are good. Cade just turned 1!! Yeah I am a little sad. He is getting so big so fast. What is a mommy to do? Can't keep um little forever. He isn't walking yet. He will walk around things and from daddy to me when he is in the mood but mostly he just crawls everywhere. After seeing how much Auntie Colette runs after Hailey I am not in a rush to hurry this along. He currently weighs 23lbs 11oz and is 31 in tall. Dr said he is a perfectly  healthy boy. Mommy says she thinks he is going to be a very cute, very charming little terror.

Colten is doing awesome. He just got his report card and got A's on everything except math. He got a D in that one. Not because he doesn't know how to do it cause he is a whiz at math. It's cause he doesn't turn in his homework. I think he thinks he is too cool to do homework. Sounds like his daddy. He says he wants to play football. Since Auntie Brandie has gotten back and football has started he has turned in to a Dallas freak. Auntie is proud. lol

Katie bug has gotten in to sports as well. She likes watching them on tv (again with Auntie Brandie.) Her favorite team is the "Bumble Bee's". (In case your wondering that wouls be the Steelers). She says they look like bumble bees. Who can argue with her on that one. lol She too is doing exceptional in kindergarten. She got all good grades too and knows almost everything she is supposed to. She currently has a crush on a cute little boy from school. His name is Noah. Daddy says Noah can't be her boyfriend but a friend that is a boy. Katie say's "but he is nice daddy". I think it's cute. (Don't you Christina? lol)  The only down fall is I have to hear about Noah everyday. Today it was "Mommy Noah got new shoes" I have a feeling it's only gonna get worse as she gets older. lol

As for Pookie and I, well, we are doing good. I am still trying to get my classes done and he is still whining cause he just turned 28. Boo freaking hoo I say. We are doing good and are still drama free. It's amazing how removing certain people from your life also removes their drama. Who would have thought.

Ok I am getting sleepy. I have alot to do tomorrow and with the help of my bestest friend in the world I just may get it done. (Now you really have to help me Colette)

Nighty night peeps

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