Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's quiet...

Hey all! Just thought I would write a few lines since it's quiet and I have a little free time to myself.

Things are going good. I am working my way through my online classes and surprisingly I am doing well. My least favorite is the math class but then again I never was a math whiz. I am still holding a B so I guess i am not that bad. I am holding on to an A in both Psychology and Sociology. Woohoo for me!!!!

I am still missing my auntie! :( Not a single day goes by that I don't think about the Bitch-head!!! I can't wait until I get to see her so I can hit her. I am not the only one that misses them by the way. About 3 weeks ago I get a phone call from Katies teacher. she said that Buggy just started crying for no reason and when she asked her what was wrong Katie told her she missed her cousin Sabrina. When her teacher asked why she thought of her all of a sudden Buggy said "cause you were putting on her lotion". I guess the teacher was putting lotion on and it happened to be warm vanilla sugar which also just so happens to be Bees signature scent. Awww poor buggy. Poor me too cause I had to cry all over again. Do you see why I need to hit my auntie???

The boys are doing good. Colten is going through his smart mouth stage. Does this ever end??? Boy I tell you if I would give in to every urge I have to just smack him he would be one abused child lol. The best part is he doesn't even think what he is doing is wrong.. You gotta love him. As much as he is a pain when he is being rude he is also a godsend when he is not. He is the best when it comes to baby Cade. If Cade is having a bad day and being grumpy all it takes is Bubba to make him smile. When we drop them off at school in the morning Cade crys when Bubba gets out but when we pick him up its all smiles. I am thankful that all in all I have good kids..... (when they are actually being good) lol

Randy is doing good. His job sucks right about now but we will get through it as usual. What is that saying... "Such is life"?? Yep thats my motto SUCH IS LIFE....With out all the drama of everyday life it would just be worthless!!!

Enough for tonight since I should really be doing homework.... I love ya all and I hope everyone is doing well!!!!

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