Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just an update

Ok so I had a long day and I am tired but cant fall asleep...So I figured I would blog alittle...
Thing are good. Pretty good actually. Today is a special day.. Today Randy and I have been together for 11 years. I know, I know, that is a super long time. Crazy huh. I can't believe how fast time goes. We have been doing good. I only want to beat him 77% of the time instead of the usual 100%. lol j/k. What can I say, gotta love him!!!

The kids are doing good. Boo and Buggy are doing the summer reading program at the library with Steph. That means, if mommy is a good mommy, at least one trip a week for new books and to collect their prizes. It also means they get to see Steph and Hailey more. (and I get some quality time with Colette) :) It' s a good deal all around. 

Colten is doing SO awesome with his reading and is actually excited to go back to school and read his AR books. I am so proud of him!!!  He has come along way but I think he is going to do so much better with everything this year. His newest thing is he needs quiet time. Which of course means time away from his sister. He says he is reading but I know he is really watching cartoons. Poor boy just has to have a few hours away from Katie....   ;)

Katie is pretty excited about starting school. I thought she would be a little sad about leaving me all day but nope. Not Katie!! Go figure. She too, is working on her letters and numbers and is excited cause she can spell the name of her favorite place to eat. KFC..... She says you spell it "K.F.C. mommy". Colten and I just laugh and let her think she is really as cool as she believes she is. She has turned into little miss bossy lately. Mommy do this now. I say "just one minute katie" in which she replies "a minute takes an hour, do it now......please". I have to try so hard not to beat her lol She is soo freaking cute but such a brat.... Yep thats my Buggy.

 Cade is getting big. I had to take him in to the dr the other day cause he wont stop chewing on his finger and its all chapped and red. They gave me a cream to put on it and said "keep it out of his mouth" Well DUH you idiot. I try my hardest and dont you think if was working I wouldn't be sitting here. The thing is I do everything to prevent him from putting it in his mouth but the little booger finds a way around everything I do. I put mittens on, he takes them off. I put bandaids on it, he chews them off (even the water proof ones) I wrap his hand up and he just sucks on whatever I wrap it with until it is soaked and rubs against his finger anyways.. The only thing I haven't done is splint his arm. I think that is so mean but we just might have to. The cream is working so hopefully it will get better and he will cut these stupid teeth and stop chewing his fingers off. lol He still isn't crawling. He rolls everywhere though. I guess he thinks he can get to where he wants by rolling so why crawl. He is talking though. He says Bye, Baba, bubu, hi, hey and his newest word, unfortunately is DADA. Darn!!! lol And those of you that know my husband know that he is not letting me forget that he said DADA before MAMA..... 

We have all been super busy lately helping Auntie Brandie and Uncle Edward to get settled in their new house. This new house is a favorite cause it has a pool so as you can guess we have been there alot in the last few days... Mommy paints and the kids play in the pool. :) I am just happy that they are back!!

As for me...hmmm. Well I am working on going back to school in Aug. I want to be an RN and I need to get my crap together and get it done. I am also trying to talk my husband in to moving....Anywhere but here. It is not as hard as I thought it would be. :) Who know how things will work out but I can say that change is comming!!! And its going to be good

What else?? Oh I have been a little sad today. Sat is Bevs birthday. She would have been 24. I miss her and thinking about her makes me sad. It also makes me remember that things and people can be taken from us in just a blink of an eye. So unexpectedly. It makes me want to hold, hug, kiss those close to me and let them know I love them.... Death sucks and unfortunatly it has been happening ALOT in the last 2 years to people we know and love. I guess its apart of life but when that life is cut off so early I can't help but wonder the purpose!!! 

I think I am done blabbing about anything and everything.... Love you guys!!!!

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