Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year, New Me? Probably Not!

Well Hello 2015!!! 

Wow, remember when we were just kids and the thought of 2015 gave us images of some far away futuristic land where our cars had auto-pilot and robots did all of our chores? With the way technology is advancing I am pretty sure those things are not so far fetched anymore but for now, well for now we are content with iPhones the size of a book and selfies. 

Still a lot has changed, as life typically does. 2014 flew by in a blur of busy chaos that still leaves me dizzy. We made it though. We are all here and accounted for. Healthy and for the most part happy. But, with every new year comes the need for change. It's ineveitable. As much as I don't like it and as much as I make fun of everyone who does it, I find myself doing it too. 

You know what I am talking about, I know you do! 

Resolutions. Goals. Aspirations. The whole out with the old, in with the new mindset. New year, new me right? 


It just doesn't work that way. Just because we flipped the calendar does not mean we can just stop being who we were yesterday. We are not all going to miraculously stop pigging out on junk food because it's January and we have a fresh start!! (I seriously didn't even make it an hour before I killed that goal! Haha!) 

We do it with good intentions though. I mean, I honestly WANT to lose 40+ pound this year, read more, blog more, exercise more, spend less. I really WANT to stop yelling at my kids so much (because it feels like that's all I do) and try listening more. I WANT to take the time to enjoy the little things and stop letting life get so out of control. Realistically though, if I REALLY wanted to do any of those things, I wouldn't have had to wait until January first before setting a goal and working to achieve it. 

Don't get me wrong, I completely understand the desire to make New Years resolutions. It's a clean slate. It's a chance to forget about all the ups and downs and past failures of the last year and work to make the new, upcoming year a great one. I totally get that but if you're like me, it never really works out well. What I am trying to get at is this: 

Instead of doing really good for a week or two and then stumbling a little and giving up completely,why don't we make it easier on ourselves and it try a different way? What if we altered our whole outlook on the "New Year, New Me" thing? Take some of the immediate pressure off and stop being so hard on ourselves! How you ask? It's simple really. 

Just take one day at a time. 

Whoa! Did I really just say that?! Yes, yes I did! You see, I have realized that I don't do well with long term goals. I am what some may call impatient. I want to see results right away. I despise having to wait very long for anything. In turn, by setting long term goals for myself all I am really doing is setting myself up for failure. If I don't see results or if I run into some snags along the way I tend to shut down and give up. It took me a loooong time to figure this out but I think I am on to something here. 

Baby steps. I think thats the key or at least it's the key I am going to try! 

What do you think? Do you think I am on to something here or just off my rocker and babbling at 2:30am? 

I hope that, whatever way you choose to uphold your New Years resolutions, you are successful and that your year is full of wonderful memories and many blessings.   It is my intention to work harder at keeping this little blog up to date on my progress. I would love nothing more than to hear how you are doing as well so come visit me often and let me know how things are going for you. 

Until then, love and prayers, 

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