Thursday, January 3, 2013

Feeling Thankful

I took the kids to the doctor today. They all had check-ups. It was kind of funny because the waiting room was full and when they called "Tipton" all 5 of us get up and walk toward the door. I caught a glimpse of a couple faces and reality hit me...I am totally THAT mom. You know, the one that everyone stares at and thinks, "Doesn't she know what causes that?" Haha I sort of smiled to myself because I can recall thinking similar thoughts when I have seen a mom with a bunch of kids out and about.

Anyways, we were super special and got two MA's to divide and concur the task of checking in, vitals, and rooming. It was a little chaotic to say the least. Then they room us!!! All 4 of my kids in a 15x10 room! HAHAHAHAH Are these people crazy?! Do they expect there to be walls left by they time we leave?!

Our Doctor, or as the kids call her, Brittney, came in with her intern making this little room feel smaller then it already does which makes this claustrophobic momma start feeling uncomfortable. :-/ They jumped right in though. Brittney made them all sit on the table in order and went down the line. One of the many reasons why I love this Dr is because she is SO great with the kids. (She is actually is a PA) If she has a question she asks them rather then me. She doesn't make them feel like just another kid she sees. She actually involves them, takes the time to joke around and ask about sports and kid stuff. She is very thorough too! So FYI if your looking for a pediatrician her name is Brittney Snow and she is at Canyon Pediatrics on Baseline between Gilbert and Lindsay.

Ok now back to the original topic. All the kids are doing wonderful! Happy and healthy and a-ok! They did have to get shots though. Colten got 2. Caden got 3 and poor little Waylon got 5! :-( I could totally tell that Cade was scared and when they went to take his pants off to give him his shots in the thigh he told her no. I had to explain that it was ok. The MA asked me to restrain him while she did it. He didn't like that but he didn't cry! Once he was done he got pretty quiet for awhile. (For Cade that's a good indication that something is wrong!)

Waylon's turn and of course he cried. After the first two I had to make the other kids leave the room. It's very sweet that they all go into protective mode for their little brother but they were making it worse. He was screaming and Caden was saying, "It's ok Waylon, be tough!" but in a sad voice making Waylon cry louder. Katie was almost in tears herself from hearing him cry and Colten had a look of helplessness on his face and looked at me like "Awww mom that's so sad!" Once the MA's let him go and I picked him up he was ok. I swear my kids are SO drama!

As we were leaving Caden says, "That hurt mom but I didn't cry! It's cause I am Cowboy Tough!!! Now I gotta go ride my horse!" I think that's what he was thinking about when he got quiet in the room. Silly little cowboy!

So as I am sitting here tonight writing this post I started thinking about how lucky I am. I have 4 amazingly beautiful, healthy children. They drive me crazy on a daily hourly basis but at least they are here to do that. I started getting choked up a little as that very thought crossed my mind. At least they are here!

Every since December 14th, when I catch myself getting irritated or losing patience with them a picture of a sweet little girl with big blue eyes and blonde hair flashes through my head and I immediately feel sad. Because somewhere, miles away, are the parents of 20 amazingly beautiful, healthy children who are now in heaven. I think about how they would give anything to have their child around to irritate or drive them crazy. Instead, they have empty arms and a heart full of grief! I can not begin to imagine what that feels like and my heart just breaks at the thought of it. I feel guilty for letting such little things like arguing and bickering and back talking overwhelm me.

I follow a couple pages on Facebook that also remind me to be thankful for what I have and to cherish every moment because you just never know what tomorrow holds.

The story of Heather Brown (Bringing Home The Browns) is about a mother who went into early labor due to complications and slipped into a coma. Her husband was in Afghanistan at the time and rushed home to be with his wife and newborn. Baby John is 3 months old now and has to visit his mommy in the hospital because she is still in that coma.

Praying For The Nevil's is another tragic story of a family that had recently moved from TX to TN and were coming back to TX for thanksgiving when a car ran their SUV of the road pushing them head on into a tree. The accident killed mom Katy instantly and left daughter Lauren in very critical condition due to a traumatic brain injury. Lauren I currently in the hospital fighting to recover. I read about how the father, Steve, has to struggle with not only losing his wife but the problems with his daughter and taking care of his little boy and again it breaks my heart.

With the Sandy Hook killings and these stories I follow I am constantly reminded that "I could have it worse" I could not have my kids at all. It very well could be me sitting at my child's bedside praying and holding onto faith that he/she will pull through. Those thoughts make me feel guilty for wanting to pull my hair out because Caden is throwing a fit or Waylon is screaming or Katie is giving me major attitude or Colten is antagonizing all of them!

I am not really sure where this post came from and why I felt the need to post it. I guess my point is much like one of my goals I set for this year. Don't sweat the small stuff. Be thankful that they are healthy and are here to do their job of making me gray and insane. Cherish them and the things they do because one day it could be gone and I could be grasping at memories and could haves/should haves.

It makes me want to hold my kids a little tighter for a little longer each day. It makes me want to pick my battles with them a little better. But most of all it makes me thank God every chance I get for giving them to me and for keeping them safe, happy, and healthy!


***If you would like to join me in praying for the above mentioned stories please click on the link (their name) and like the Facebook page.

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