Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013..... Already?!

Happy New Year!!

I can't believe it's 2013 already!!! What the heck happened to 2012? I swear if this keeps up I am going to be old before you know it! ;-)

This year has been full of so much for my family and I. Big changes, a lot of adaptation, some ups and downs and even a few unforeseen curves in the road. We have strayed off the path that we thought we were supposed to be on several times but it has been a learning experience. No regrets though. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

So keeping up with a New Years tradition I am going to set a few "goals". I do not want to call them resolutions because we all know those are made to be broken. I like goals because to me it means something you work toward. Yeah you may fail a time or two but you continue to work on it until you eventually accomplish what you set out to do.

So with out further ado lets jump right in. Here are some of the goals I would like to work on in 2013:

1.) To love like Christ. I have been struggling with this for awhile now. Lately though, I have been pushed to a point where I find myself wanting to just say forget it I am done and go on my way. I get angry and hurt and frustrated and it would be so much easier to wash my hands of the problems then to continue fighting what seems to be a losing battle. But then I am reminded that God has never given up on me. Even when I have done ugly things and hurt Him numerous times. He is always there for me with out hesitation when I come crawling back asking for forgiveness. He has never turned away from me. I want to be like that. I want to be able to look past the pain and emotion and hurt that people cause me and just forgive and accept.

2.) Find my happy happy happy! It's seems as though I have lost my sunshine lately. I would like to find that again. I am not known to do well with change and I am struggling with this whole coming back to Arizona thing. I am trying my best to find the positive things about being here and focus on those but honestly, they are not stacking up as though I felt they would. I have a longing for home and unfortunately this does not seem to be it. It is my intentions to do some soul searching and assessing of our situation so I can figure out the best way to find my happy while doing what's best for my family.

3.) Be a better mom/wife. I am only human and I make TONS of mistakes on a daily basis. I lose my temper, raise my voice (a lot), lose my patience, make bad choices, and much more. My goal is to work a little harder to not do those things as much. Especially the yelling part. Not something I am proud of. Patience is the key and again that where I am struggling. It gets hectic with 4 children, 5 if you count my husband. :-) I need more patience with them.

4.) Stop and smell the roses. I am constantly stressing about SOMETHING which usually turns into me being overwhelmed, grumpy and irritable. My goal is to not sweat the little stuff. I need to learn to "let it be" and go with the flow. I would like to learn to relish in just hanging out with the kids reading books or telling stories or playing at the park. I want to focus on making memories and not the 50 million things I should/could/need to be doing.

5.) Get healthy! I am SO tired of this constant struggle with my weight and the way I feel about myself!! I want to get healthy and feel good about myself. I would like to start doing more 5k races and get the rest of my family involved. As we have established earlier, I am not getting any younger and it's time to take some responsibility for one of the biggest stressors in my life that I actually have control of! I can and will do this!! I am staring the Intensity workout today and I will be tracking my progress here. I also plan on getting back to running and doing 5k's again. I enjoyed the one I did last year and would even like to get my family involved.

6.) Apply for the Nursing program! I am SO close! It was my original goal to be working as an RN by the time I was 30 but kids, family, life kinda got in the way and well here I am. Honestly, I probably would have given up on it all together and found a nice cozy Dr office to work as an MA in had it not been for one woman's dying instructions for me to, and I quote, "get off your ass and get your schooling done Nickadina! These hospitals need nurses who know what the hell they are doing!" I made a promise and I WILL follow through with it! (Because if I don't I know she will find some way to come back just to kick my butt!) Rest in peace knowing I am doing it Grandma Betty!! 

7.) Organize and back up my photos/videos. I have SO many pictures and in various locations with many duplicates. I need to sort through them all and edit, delete, organize, and then back them up to my external hard drive. This just may take me all year. 

8.) Blog more! I want to be a better blogger. This year I will do my best not to let big chunks of time pass between posts. 

Well, there it is.

In writing.

No backing out now.  

I can do this. You can help me! Hold me accountable. If you notice me slacking feel free to give me a nudge or a reminder of this post. I can do the same for you. What are some of your "Goals" and how do you plan on making them stick? I would love to hear about them. :-)

My hopes for you, my friends, family, and fellow bloggers are that you make the best out of 2013. Love stronger, forgive quicker, pursue what makes you happy, and live each day as though it was your last! Life is to short for anything else. 


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