Monday, March 12, 2012

Doing it the right way

Boy oh boy has it been a loooong time! So much has happened since the last time I have blogged. I will post updates on what's been going on in our lives soon but this post is gonna be a here and now post. Bare with me.

So almost 12 weeks ago I had the baby. (Details will come soon) I gained a lot of weight with this pregnancy and it didn't help at all that I was already over weight to begin with. Before pregnancy I had gained 45 pounds since moving to Texas. I was pretty depressed with all the changes that were taking place and all the stuff going on in our life that I wasn't watching what or how much I ate and I wasn't exercising at all. It was sad.

After having Waylon I decided that I was sick of fighting with my weight. I was so tired of up and down and up and down. Going I the dr and getting on weight loss pills, starving myself only to binge eat and do nothing but feel that much worse about myself, and yo-yo dieting were clearly not doing it for me. I had to figure something out because my self esteem was quickly depleting and it was't good.

One day a good friend mentioned that she was going to start going to the gym. Hmmmm that wasn't something that I thought was possible for me because, afterall, I do have 4 kids and a husband that works crazy hours. When could I find the time? Then my friend says, "I would invite you to go but I don't think you would want to go at 3:30 in the morning." WHAT!!!! 3:30 in the morning??!! This chick is crazy!!! She goes on to tell me that it works for her because she doesn't have to worry about the kids, doesn't have to fight for a machine (because lets face it- not many people are crazy enough to get up that early to work out), and she knows that she would find excuses not to go if she went in the afternoon. Hmmm, those are all very good reasons but geee that's WAY early!
I decided to talk to randy about it. To my surprise he was very supportive. He told me that he didn't think I needed to lose weight and he was happy with who I am but he understands that I am not happy with myself and he will support me if I wanted to do this. So I decide to give it a try!

Yes, ME, getting up at 3:00 AM to go to the gym and work out!!! SHOCKER!!! I still can't believe I am doing it. It's not easy and most days I pray for an excuse to stay in bed but I don't. I drag my butt out of bed and go work out. I can honestly say that with out the support of my friend there is no way I would have stuck in their. No way I would force myself to do this. She holds me accountable and I love it!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago we tossed around the thought of doing the C25k program. (Couch25k) We took it slow and did day one like 5 times (yes we are THAT out of shape) but last week we completed day one and proven to ourselves that we CAN do this. Today we have wiped the slate clean and have started fresh. Week 1 day 1 COMPLETED!!!! I am so proud of both of us! I am doing this! I am losing weight and getting healthy- THE RIGHT WAY!!! I stepped on the scale today and I had lost 2 pounds in a week!!! I am so excited and this gives me the encouragement to keep going!!!

I have set a goal for myself. By this time next year I would like to participate in a competition called Tough Mudder or something similar to that! We have decided that we will do a couple of regular 5k races first but I think these obstacle 5k races will be a crazy challenge and I am excited about them.

To hold myself accountable for reaching my goal I am going to share my progress with y'all on here. I hope that's ok! I know I can do this!! And I know that by doing it the right way I will feel better about it and the results will be life long. :-) So what do you say, wanna help me, through encouragement, to reach my goal? Perhaps you would like to share tips and tricks that you think will help. Maybe you would like to share with me your story and how you are doing on your journey to become a healthier you. I'd love to read them. :-)

Until next time remember, WE CAN DO THIS!

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