Friday, June 2, 2006

I wanna talk

Ok so i guess i should update anyone who cares about whats been happening in my life lately.(isn't that what these things are for). Ok so i started a new job.i work for a company called GC Services. I am a Apple Customer Service Rep. I think I am gonna really like it although I have only been there a week. Soill let you know in about a month how that goes. Moving on, my son is leaving me for the summer. Yeah I know crazy huh. He is flying to Texas to stay with his auntie Brandie for 6 or 7 week. (or until he decides he wants to come home.) I am a little worried but i guess you have to let go sometime right. Anyways he will have a blast so thats good. As for Katie she just keeps getting meaner and meaner. ok well i guess that s about it for now. All you punks better start commenting!! :)

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